5 tips to automate your sales funnel for lead conversion

Automate your sales funnel for successful lead conversion.

5 tips to automate your sales funnel for lead conversion

Automation is an essential part of streamlining your business. All team members can focus on the tasks that have a direct impact on revenue creation. Below we outline five easy-to-implement tips you can use to automate your sales funnel for lead conversion.

Use smart integrations

Use lead capture tools that automatically integrate with your CRM to store all lead data in a central location. A smart integration assigns a lead to the right stage in the correct pipeline based on this information. The next step is to enroll leads in the right campaigns so that they receive the correct messaging. Additionally, integrations can assign the right sales representative based on details such as company size or location.

Accelerate sales cycles

Some larger and more complex sales deals might require multiple sales team members to contact a lead. Booka supports this by offering collective bookings. This way, the right people can all be attached to the event type. Collective booking allows leads to schedule a meeting with all required team members. Without the need for back and forth emailing. 

Use scheduling tools

Using an automated scheduling tool like Booka can reduce the time it takes to schedule meetings with prospects. Team members don't have to spend time emailing back and forth trying to find a suitable time. You can easily automate steps like adding a meeting link, adding data to a CRM, and sending reminder notifications.

Increase lead potential

Booka supports adding qualification rules to your booking pages. This feature allows you to qualify leads based on custom form questions. For example, you could add a custom form question about company size. Next, you add a qualification rule that directs a lead to the correct sales pipeline and representative. Qualification rules make sure the right lead talks to the right representatives. Similarly, it allows you to avoid wasting time on uninteresting leads. You could, for example, use a qualification rule to automatically assign them to a seminar rather than a demo.

Automate your follow-ups

Automating your follow-ups to leads saves time. But it has also been shown to lead to higher attendance rates and a lower likelihood of no-shows. Automatic follow-ups are easy to set up in Booka using our standard templates.

Read more about automating your sales process using workflows.

In conclusion, there are many ways to automate your sales funnel for lead conversion. Booka can help with a number of them. Get started for free today!

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