Improve your lead capture flow

Best ways for a business to grow its revenues is by improving its lead capture flow

Improve your lead capture flow

One of the bests ways for a business to grow its revenues is by improving its lead capture flow. This flow starts with lead generation and ends with lead conversion.

Lead generation is the process in which a prospect is converted to a lead through nurturing. This nurturing involves attracting prospects to your website and stimulating them to engage with your business.

Lead capture is a related, but a separate aspect of the lead generation process. Lead capture is the action of saving lead data in a CRM system with the aim to convert them into a paying customer. This is done through a mechanism such as a web form or pop-up that stimulates a lead to enter and submit their qualifying data such as their name, email, or the size of their business.

Below are a few of the most popular ways to capture more leads

Lead capture forms

A lead capture form can be added to any part of your website and it consists of various inputs that can be used to capture a lead’s data. In order to entice leads to enter their information, lead capture forms should contain a good CTA (call to action). Good CTAs could include offering a free trial or a certain discount. The general rule is that: The less friction involved in leaving information, the more likely a lead will engage with your business.

Lead capture forms are often put inside a pop-up. These show up for example when a user enters a website or clicks on a specific button or link. Those pop-ups can be quite obtrusive and for that reason, some businesses delay show a pop-up. The pop-up is only shown once a user has scrolled to a certain point on the page or has spent a certain amount of time on the page. This ensures the user is sufficiently interested in your product or service.

Lead capture software

Lead capture software automatically collects leads data when they visit your website and automatically store this data in your CRM. Although lead capture software is a low-friction solution and doesn’t require any actions from your leads, it could have potential privacy concerns. Users could use ad-blockers are use other mechanisms to opt-out of having their data automatically captured.

Chatbot or live chat

Live chats allow leads to chat directly with a human customer support rep allowing them to quickly ask questions about your business’ products or services. It can help create a good first impression by quickly being able to help leads with potential questions or concerns. Although having many advantages, maintaining a live chat can be time-consuming and for that reason, businesses consider using chatbots.

Chatbots use machine learning or preset steps to automatically engage with leads. They can answer simple questions or point to the correct resources, effectively replacing a human customer support employee.

Appointment scheduling software

Adding an appointment scheduling tool like Booka to a website allows leads to instantly schedule a meeting with a sales representative at your company. Most tools also allow you to add additional custom form fields beside the standard name and email address. Booka, for example, also makes it possible to easily add qualification rules based on a lead's answers to the questions. This way a lead could schedule a webinar or a personal demo with a member of the sales team depending on their number of employees.

Next steps

Lead capture is an important part of the lead generation process. It is a vital step in turning leads into paying customers. There are many different strategies to employ in order to achieve this goal. Now it's up to you to implement the one that is most suitable for your business.

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