Workflows to create a more effective revenue cycle

Workflows help your teams focus on revenue-increasing activities

Workflows to create a more effective revenue cycle

The modern sales process is about a lot more than simply focusing on cold calling and closing. An effective sales process consists of reminders, follow-up messages, calls, meetings, and confirmations. Research has shown that it takes up to 5 continuous follow-up efforts before closing a deal. Workflows help your sales and customer success teams focus on revenue-increasing activities by interacting with leads and customers.

What are workflows?

Workflows can be a great aid in automating as much of the process as possible. Comprehensive workflows can make sure that your sales force can focus on interaction with customers and building relationships. In short, the things that make a significant impact on your revenue.

Within Booka, workflows automate all communication before and after your leads plan a meeting. They exist to increase engagement, improve attendance and make sure you can focus on the important stuff.

Focus on what matters

You want your sales and customer success teams to focus on the things that matter the most. Sales teams should spend as much of their time building relations. Customer success teams should focus on making sure customers reach their desired goals. Manually sending reminders or meeting confirmations only takes away from this focus.

Reduce cancellations

People have full agendas, meetings run late and other issues result in cancellations and no-shows. Besides being an annoyance, it also leads to wasted time. Booka's workflows allow you to send multiple reminders to make sure people are aware of your meeting. Reminders tend to lower the risk of a no-show and increase the number of meetings that start on time. All making sure you waste as little time as possible.

Instill consistency across all touchpoints

Consistency is a vital aspect of making sure leads and customers have a positive and engaging experience with your brand. Workflows allow you to make sure you use a standard tone of voice and branding across all communications. Furthermore, you can use different types of communication across different meeting types. Your messaging to prospective enterprise leads might not be the same as that for freelancers.

Workflows are a great way to save time, create consistency and allow you to focus on what matters. Booka even includes a couple of templates that you can easily edit to suit your use case. Get started today!

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