Booka vs Chili Piper: a comparison

In this article, we compare Booka and Chili Piper, two popular scheduling and meeting management tools for businesses. We look at their features, pricing, and ease of use to help you decide which one is the best fit for your organization.

Example Booka integration workflow

Why choose Booka over 



You might wonder why you should use Booka instead of Doodle when looking for an excellent appointment-scheduling tool. Doodle is simple, but if you want some more advanced features they are not suited for you. Booka has a variety of scheduling features to help your team book meetings efficiently and flexibly. Especially the Sales and Customer Success teams are stuck with implementing their process in Doodle. With Booka, you don't have this problem, because it is designed for these teams. It has advanced CRM integrations, customizable notifications & forms, and extensive reporting. Booka’s primary focus is to increase your conversion & revenue and customer satisfaction.

Advanced CRM integrations

Booka has advanced integrations with your CRM. You can create of move a deal to a specific stage of the sales pipeline when an appointment is booked.

Customize everything

In Booka you can customize everything so it fits in you sales process. You can change all notifications (in different languages) and brand you pages with an logo, colors and background.

Request approval mode

With Booka your customer can suggest multiple time slots. Then you can approve the the time slot that fits you the most. There is no other solution that offers this.

Automated workflows

Doodle does not have workflows. Workflows are really important, so you can do actions on every trigger in the booking process. For example call your own API or call an integration.

Insights and reporting

The report feature of Doodle is really basic. If you are a manager you want to create reports to track the performance of your team. With Booka this is easy!

Advanced features in free plan

Booka has alot of features in the free plan that normally only are present in an premium or professional plan. Don't need to show your creditcard.

Enterprise build

Booka is built for SMB and enterprise. Think of features like an audit log and the ability to set the user password complexity. Booka also supports SSO (on request).

Session packages

Let customers use session packages, so they can book multi sessions in one. Doodle does not provide a feature like this.

Increasing conversion focused

Booka is really focused on increasing your conversions, so you can more customers from all your leads.

Good team pricing

Allot of tools are expensive when you want to onboard your team. Booka has fair pricing for this.

Custom user roles & permissions

In Booka (because its build for enterprise) you can add custom roles with specific permissions.

Advanced booking time slots

With Doodle you can not set that many settings for the available time slots. In Booka, you set everything you can imaging.


More features to power-up your meeting scheduling

Growth - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Synchronize agenda's

Modernize your (corporate) email account with automated scheduling of meetings

Flag Icon - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Fully customizable

Use your company branding for brand recognition

Auto Reports - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Extensive reporting

See which efforts are increasing revenue and how your teams are performing

Funnel Optimization- Saasplex X Webflow Template

Boost conversion & customer satisfaction

Let prospects and customers directly schedule meetings with ease

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