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Sales teams

Accelerate your sales cycle and increase revenue by closing deals faster. Book appointments more efficiently and streamline your sales process by automatically logging all activities to your CRM.

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Book meetings instantaneously

Let your prospects book meetings with you on the fly and whenever (and wherever) it suits them. No more back-and-forth emailing or lengthy follow-ups.

Reduce no-shows

Improve your meeting attendance and save time by using automated reminder emails that allow guests to reschedule easily. With this feature, you can increase the show rate and spend less time on manual follow-ups or rescheduling tasks.

Automate your CRM process

Connect to your favorite CRM and update contacts and deals automatically and accordingly.


More features to power-up your meeting scheduling

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Synchronize agenda's

Modernize your (corporate) email account with automated scheduling of meetings

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Fully customizable

Use your company branding for brand recognition

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Extensive reporting

See which efforts are increasing revenue and how your teams are performing

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Boost conversion & customer satisfaction

Let prospects and customers directly schedule meetings with ease

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