Booka may engage and use certain third party data processors (each, a “Sub-processor”) with access to certain customer data. These Sub-processors provide various services critical to Booka’s business operations, including communication with customers, payment processing, and infrastructure support.

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Booka owns and controls logical access to the infrastructure maintained by the entities set forth below, while these entities maintain the physical security of the servers, network and the data center

Entity Name Entity Type Entity Country
Microsoft Corporation Cloud Service Provider United States

Service Specific sub-processors

Booka works with certain third-parties to provide a specific functionality within its Services. These third-parties are Sub-processors with limited use indicated below and access to Subscriber Data in order to provide the relevant functionality.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Stripe, Inc. Stripe, Inc. (”Stripe”) is financial services provider used by Booka to handle subscription payments. Ireland, United States
Sendgrid, Inc. Sendgrid, Inc. (“Sendgrid”) is an email campaign service provider used by Booka to send notification emails to End-Users. The primary information Sendgrid has access to is the email addresses of recipients of the emails and the content of the emails themselves. United States
Intercom, Inc. Intercom, Inc. (”Intercom”) is a customer support service provider used by Booka to communicate with End-Users. United States
Functional Software, Inc. Functional Software, Inc. ("Sentry") is a cross-platform error monitoring tool with a focus on error reporting. Booka uses Sentry to capture errors thrown within the Service to better understand and resolve issues in real-time. Incidental to the purpose of the error monitoring, Service Data and Personal Data may be Processed by Sentry. Examples of the data that may be in the logs include: timestamp, token ID, email address, user agent, username, Account ID, User ID, name, IP address, application paths and parameters, Session IDs, provisioned infrastructure,  and other types of Service Data. United States
Google Analytics Google Analytics is an analytics provider that Booka uses to provide Insights and Analytics within the Services. United States
Hotjar Hotjar is an analytics provider that Booka uses to provide Insights and Analytics within the Services. Ireland

Booka’s list of Sub-processors may evolve over time. In such instances, we will update our customer account owners according to our Customer Terms, and this page will also be updated to reflect an accurate and complete list of our Sub-processors.